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Season Finale: Composers Forum
Sunday, June 09, 2024
6 PM

Headed by Tanja Bechtler, the Bechtler Ensemble’s season finale will showcase the compositions of female composers from around the world. Featured will be works by Armine Ghuloyan (Armenia) crafting pieces for piano trio; Niloufar Nourbakhsh ( Iran) focusing on solo cello compositions; and Setsuko Hata (Japan) creating a jazz-oriented work, tailored for piano and string quartet. The evening takes its inspiration from a special artwork from Tanja Bechtler’s private collection titled "The Defender of Nature against the Madness and Insanity of Nature." This sculpture of a fiery orange dragon was conceived by Master HORA®, Atayan A.V. in 2017 and produced by Elena Supanova. In a nod to Atayan’s Armenian heritage, the concert's program will also feature selections that celebrate Armenian culture, including works by early 20th-century Armenian composer and musicologist Komitas for string quartets and excerpts of his poetry, adding a poignant touch to the performance. REGISTRATION: Concert tickets are $10 for members, $14 for nonmembers, and $5 for students (with proof of ID). FREE tickets for ages 10 and under. Advance registration is required to guarantee seating.

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