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The Bechtler Museum of Modern Art is dedicated to the celebration and analysis of the strongest aspects of mid-century modernism as reflected in the holdings of the Bechtler collection. While some of the holdings are on view in the museum’s galleries at all times, the online database serves as an extension of the galleries by providing the opportunity to explore the collection in-depth. In tandem with the growth of the collection and the museum’s digitization initiatives, this site will expand and include more data in the future.

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The Bechtler Museum of Modern Art by Floor

The Bechtler Museum of Modern Art comprises four floors. The admission desk, museum store and café are located on the first floor. The second floor offers a sculpture terrace, video gallery and classroom in addition to gallery space. Open to the atrium, the third floor serves as gallery space and museum offices. The fourth floor, the museum’s largest, serves as the main exhibition space.

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Teacher Resources

As the only museum in the region with modern art as the focus of its permanent collection, the Bechtler is dedicated to educating visitors.

The museum offers programs and resources that explore the Bechtler collection and provide a context for mid-century modern art and culture. Using the collection as a foundation for teaching in and through the visual arts, educators will receive guidance on integrating museum resources into classroom curricula and participate in teacher institutes and workshops.

Resources will include online access to curriculum materials to supplement classroom learning before and after touring the museum, special hands-on art activities led by the Bechtler's resident teaching artists, professional development through the Charlotte Teachers Institute, and access to the museum's research library. All school-based tours are aligned with the North Carolina Standard Course of Study and are led by museum docents. Each tour contains pre- and post-tour activities and lesson plans to enhance the museum experience.

To request more information about the Bechtler's educational programs, email


Most of the images on this website are protected under copyright laws. These images may not be reproduced without the express permission of both the Bechtler and the copyright owner.

Please be aware that the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art does not own copyright to all of the works in its collection. The Bechtler may assist with the contact information for copyright holders if possible, but it is the responsibility of the user to obtain permission and pay all applicable fees.


The Bechtler provides images for educational presentations, professional research, print and electronic publications, and media projects. All requests for images must be made in writing. Please contact Shannon White, Director of Collections at to request an application for use of images or publication permission.

All requests are processed in a timely manner, according to the order in which they are received and are subject to curatorial approval. Final approval must include written proof of permission granted from applicable copyright holders

For more information, contact:
Shannon White, Director of Collections
Bechtler Museum of Modern Art
420 South Tryon Street
Charlotte, NC 28202


For all media inquiries, visit the Press Room section of the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art website

Troubleshooting Issues

For troubleshooting issues with the online database, contact the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art Director of Collections.

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